Wednesday, Oct 4, 2023

Here's how to save 10 bucks on Horizon Forbidden West for PS5

Aloy, thank you for saving my wallet. ImageGuerrilla Games/KotakuThis PSA is to inform you that Horizon Forbidden West is $10 cheaper when ordered through your PlayStation 4 than the PlayStation 5 version. AdvertisementAlthough the PlayStation 5 version of Horizon Forbidden West is listed as $69.99, you can purchase the PS4 version of the game for $59.99 and later upgrade it to the PS5 version as a free digital upgrade. This can be done via the PlayStation 4's online store or through the PlayStation 4's store app. This is the last cross-gen PS4/PS5 title that will be eligible for this upgrade. Here's a little history. Guerrilla Games announced in August that Horizon Forbidden West was being delayed from its original release date of the 2021 holiday season due to "production difficulties" caused by the pandemic. Sony released a confusing series of PS4/PS5 Horizon Forbidden West editions that did not offer a "next-gen" PS5 update. It was a surprise, as Sony had previously promised to offer next-gen upgrades free of charge for its initial slate cross-gen PS5 game titles, a category Horizon Forbidden West had, prior to its delays, been considered to be part of. Continue reading: Sony will no longer offer free Next-Gen Upgrades for its First-Party Games
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