Monday, Feb 26, 2024

FIFA 23: How to Avoid Cutscenes

Although the majority of the game is on the pitch, there are cutscenes in FIFA 23 you may not have time for. You can skip cutscenes in Career Mode and FUT modes to get back into the action faster. This article will show you how to skip cutscenes within FIFA 23.

FIFA 23: Skipping Cutscenes

These cutscenes can be skipped by using different buttons depending on which platform you're playing on. The table below will help you get up to speed.

SPress and hold XNintendo SwitchPress and hold Y

Holding down the right button will cause a circle to begin filling in the lower left corner of your screen. After it is filled, you can move on to the next cutscene. This is possible in Career Mode, FUT and Volta. Save your time and play the Beautiful Game instead.

This is all you need to know to skip cutscenes in FIFA 23. You can find more information and tips in our guides to FIFA 23 or related content.

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