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All Fortnite Mending Machine Locations

Dave Irwin>Published Sep 20, 2022>FortniteWant the exact location of Fortnite Mending Machines? Although it may not have the most pleasant bedside..


Dave Irwin >Published Sep 20, 2022 >FortniteWant the exact location of Fortnite Mending Machines? Although it may not have the most pleasant bedside manners, this vending machine is exactly what you need to stay healthy during battle royale. It can sell you bandages, medkits and shield potions. You also get patches for a fee.

As part of the Zero Week challenges, there is a quest for an item purchased from Fortnite Mending Machines. Before you attempt to complete the quest, ensure that you have enough Fortnite Gold bars. It doesn't take much gold to purchase most of the items at this vendor.

Where can I find all Fortnite Mending Machines?

All you have to do to complete the challenge is to buy something from the Mending Machine. These machines can sometimes malfunction. If that happens, you can head to another place on the map or create a new game to try again to get the machine working normally. These are the locations of all 10 Fortnite Mending machines:

Cloud CondoFort JonesyGreasy groveIn the garage adjacent to the gas station northeastern of Rocky ReelsGas Station south of Tilted TowersGas Station west of LogJam JunctionSleepy SoundConey CrossroadsGas Station east of Rave CaveGas Station east of Lustrous Lagoon

Once you have arrived, you will need to interact with the machine to select the item you want to buy and then press the button to confirm. You don't have to choose which healing item you want, as long as it is within your budget. These are the costs for all Mending Machines.

Bandage - 10 gold barsMedkit - 50 gold barsSmall shield potion - 30 goldShield potion - 120 goldPatch up your character - 100 gold

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Now you know where Fortnite Mending Machine locations are located, and that should help you get the victory royale. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is now live. You can grab free V-bucks to get the battle pass, or refresh your knowledge about Fortnite animals. You can also find a guide to Fortnite keys and a list of vault locations. We also provide information about the new chrome splash mechanics.

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