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Review of Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered PC

A few years back, most people would have laughed at you if they heard that waiting for the first-party PlayStation games on PC was an option to buying a PS5. Today, many of Sony's top-selling titles are available on Steam. There will be more in the future. Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone sold well on PC. However, I was skeptical about the Steam pages for Marvel's Spider-Man.

While Sony has been pushing PCs more aggressively, placing more famous franchises such as Uncharted and The Last of Us on PC, Spider-Man still felt untouchable. Spider-Man felt that it was the PS5's most popular game, even though big PS5 exclusives such as The Last of Us Part 1 or Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection were being announced alongside their PS5 reveal.

It is a smart move to put Marvel's Spider-Man and later Miles Morales on PC as soon as possible. This, along with the acquisition last year of Nixxes, shows that Sony is serious about the PC platform being a viable alternative to their PlayStation ecosystem. Although it's unlikely that PlayStation first-party titles will ever be available on PC as soon as Xbox Game Studios titles, Spider-Man arrived with a lot of PC-specific bells, including DLSS, native 21/9 and 32/9 support, Steam Deck support and raytracing. This shows that PC ports are not just an afterthought for Sony.

While some may argue that there has been too much Spider-Man media, including three Spider-Men sharing the screen and two video games, as well as three animated Disney Plus series, I don't think there is any such thing as too many Spider-Man. Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered is still as thrilling as it was on PC, even after my third playthrough.

It's easy to forget why people fell in love With Insomniac’s version of the wall-crawler after getting past the shock of Marvel's Spider-Man being played on PC. There are many Spider-Man games out there, but this Spider-Man game is the best.

Peter Parker's portrayal is amazing, and the supporting cast is equally likeable. This is a Spider-Man story from the core -- great power, great responsibility and all -- and, despite some minor pacing issues it remains entertaining from beginning to end. Insomniac shows admiration and understanding of the character. Those who dislike the MCU's younger version of Spider-Man will enjoy this older and more experienced version. The small bits of lore that are contained in the backpacks, which can be found throughout the city, make them a delight to collect.

It's also a great battle, following Arkham's lead and adding Spidey spice. Smart gadget usage and aerial combos are crucial to survival on higher difficulties. The campaign introduces new enemy types to keep you alert and challenge you with safer strategies than you could rely on for general goons. It never gets old to bind people to the walls or throw cinder blocks at unsuspecting criminals.

Stealth can also be used to clear out baddies from rooms. Although you may not be able completely clear enemy bases undetected, there are ways to thin the herd before jumping into the crowd and letting your webs fly. This is Spider-Man's style of stealth. You can pull enemies to the ceiling, stick them with webs, or pull shelves down onto chat guards.

Additional playthroughs are easy if you have already played the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can also use the lightning-fast loading times of the PS5 version to speed up additional playthroughs. Although you will still need to endure the Mary Jane or Miles Morales sections which pull you away from Spidey occasionally, they aren't nearly as distracting as I remembered them being.

The PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is hampered by poor performance. My rig has an RTX3070 and an i7-10700k. Spider-Man often drops below 60 FPS while gliding through New York City, especially when he moves closer to New York's crowded streets and glides past pedestrians and crowds. The problem persists even if you lower the settings and run the game at 1080p.

The indoor sections and cutscenes are smooth and playable. Nixxes released several patches during the review period, and performance has improved noticeably. Marvel's Spider-Man should run even better over time.

These performance issues may be unique to my computer. Sony's PC ports are a mixed bag. Some people report problems while others play perfectly. Horizon Zero Dawn PC was a good choice for me, although I had some issues with it in my first review. However, several reviews have reported problems with the PC's performance from day one. If you're interested in trying it out, Steam offers a refund policy. Or wait for the next patch after launch.

However, you won't need to read a review to convince you to purchase Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered for PC. It's Spider-Man. It's yours if you want it. It has been around for four years now, and many of your friends have played it at least once.

It's a fantastic game, and one of my favorite superhero experiences. It's a joy to play. If you own a PS4/PS5, I believe it is worth double-dipping. It's worth at least a second or third time. It just ran slower than I expected.

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Marvel's Spider-Man Revamped

Score: 4/5>Available on: PlayStation 5, PC. Published by: PlayStation PC LLC. Genre: Action Adventure US Released Date: August 12, 2022. Reviewed on: PC. Quote: "Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC is an amazing experience, no matter if you're a new player or a veteran. Although there are some performance issues that can hinder the experience, the game is never unplayable. Check out our Policy.