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WoW Wrath Classic Server Queues Are Creating Problems (Again)

Lauren Bergin>Published Sep 27, 2022 at 06:26 ET>World of Warcraft Despite WoW Wrath Classic server times creating havoc in the MMO's prepatch,..


Lauren Bergin >Published Sep 27, 2022 at 06:26 ET >World of Warcraft Despite WoW Wrath Classic server times creating havoc in the MMO's prepatch, players still experience massive queue times post launch.

Server queues are a major problem for newly released online games. Server queues have plagued every game, from Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker through Tower of Fantasy, and Blizzard’s WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic has no exception.

Blizzard finally locked servers and asked players to move to new ones after the game's pre-patch server wait times were in the hundreds.

These issues were hoped to be resolved before launch. However, WoW forums are overflowing with complaints from players about long queue times and players who are considering quitting the game.

One post, simply entitled "at loss for words", reads: "You had ten years Blizzard... This is a complete disaster... and a joke." What are we paying? Staring at a login screen It's not server maintenance."

Another commenter said that after almost 20 years of subs, they still have the same problems. A second post stated that "pay to play a video but it is never available because of the ridiculous wait times." Tonight, there were two accounts that were cancelled.

One response stated that it cost $15 per month to be able to play the game. Another thread noted that Benediction, the largest server in the game, was taking six hours to access.

As someone who was forced to wait in Lost Ark queues for hours, I can tell you that it is extremely frustrating to sit waiting when all you want is to play the game. I either quit the game and rage quit, or I would queue while I worked to get in. These are not great options though.

However, the good thing about waiting in line is that you can check out our WoW Classic race guide and our interview with Blizzard on the pressure of remastering WoTLK.

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