Monday, Feb 26, 2024

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a PSVR2 Spectacle. Aloy Cameo Confirmed

Wow, wow, wow! Although this trailer won't do Horizon Call of the Mountain justice in any way, the fact it looks jaw-dropping on a flat screen is a testament to the experience we're about to have with PSVR2. This VR game is easily the most stunning and largest we have ever seen.

Ryas is a Shadow Carja Warrior, who hopes to make amends by investigating a grave threat to the Sundom. The trailer shows that archery and climbing are key to survival. You'll be scaling huge cliffs and taking down Machines using your trusty bow. You'll also meet new characters along the way, including Aloy herself.

A PS Blog post states that Call of the Mountain will offer "alongside the main story, Call of the Mountain also offers an exciting, immersive River Ride Experience." Enjoy the beautiful views of Horizon from your seat, but be aware that uninvited machines might try to get aboard! So you get both a campaign and an arcade experience.

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