Wednesday, Oct 4, 2023

CoD Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Added Third-Person and 3 Other New Game Modes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gamers will have the opportunity to play the game as a third-person, for the first time ever in franchise history.

This is not something you can swap with in the middle of battle. This can change but first-person and third person are divided into two playlists. This is similar to the way PUBG handled different perspectives during its matches. In the beta, both first-person as well as third-person modes will be available.

As with third-person shooters, you can swap the shoulder that is being aimed for peeking at cover. You will still aim for the same targets as in first-person mode.

The new game modes will allow you to play in either first-person, or third-person.

Knockout is the first mode. This team-based mode requires players to either keep their target package or eliminate the opposing team. The map's center will be given to players as a cash bag.

The bagholder is highlighted on the minimap when the player comes in contact with it. Players can choose to either hold the bag for 60 seconds, or kill all enemies players. However, players who are killed cannot be revived.

Prisoner Rescue is another team-based mode. Each round has one team with a hostage and the other team must protect the hostage while they are taken to safety. As in the classic Search & Destroy game, each round has an attacking and a defending team.

One person can escort the hostage, but they only have one sidearm and are slowing down. Hostages cannot be moved except this way. However, they can be dropped but can't be killed.

Ground War's third and final mode is Invasion. Invasion is a massive war against AI and players. You can also have your own AI. This mode promises to have more troops on each side than any other Ground War.

Each side has several Operators. AI is also part of their team. Invasion will feature vehicles to help you get to the fight quicker. Invasion's winner is the team that has earned the most points within the time limit.