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Xiaomi 11T Pro review - "Pro in name, pro in nature"

Over the last few years, Xiaomi has grown to be a major phone manufacturer and is now one of the most well-known brands in smartphones. This is due in large part to the fact that Xiaomi seems to have intentionally tried to break through at different pricing levels. We wrote recently about the Xiaomi Redmi 10 which is a budget-friendly phone that punches above its weight. Today, we are talking about the Xiaomi 11T Pro which is the last of their smartphone generation.

I wrote about the Redmi 10 and mentioned the Mi brand. However, it turns out that the Mi brand seems to have been forgotten, with the 11T Pro taking its place. This is a good thing, since the phone operates comfortably in the PS600 price range with features that are definitely justified.

It might not be the best timing

However, there is a big elephant in the room. As of this writing, rumours are already circulating about the next round of devices. With it, there are rumoured big changes. This is especially true considering that some of the Android architectures are being updated for other brands. We can only write about the current state of technology, so we don't have much to do but wonder if you are getting the best value for your money or just the last push on an old device. The same holds true for retail PC chipsets. As one fades out, you can still get a great deal on a device. However, if the device is just before a significant technological leap, you will feel it much sooner than if your purchase was made mid-gen.

Xiaomi 11T Pro back side

Xiaomi 11T Pro design

The 11T Pro feels premium and top-of the-line. It has one of the largest screens on the market, with a small camera hole. The speaker is hidden in the outer frame. This makes it less noticeable than iPhones. It measures 6.81 inches, which is an improvement on the previous Xiaomi phones. However, it is quite heavy. The 164.1x76.9 smartphone weighs in at more than 200g. This is an increase over the Xiaomi's smaller devices.

Front camera

The tiny camera hole I mentioned on the back hides a 16MP camera. This is a significant upgrade to the 8MP we are used to seeing on low-mid-range phones. Portrait mode is home to the popular bokeh effect. It has an excellent auto-focus and can pick out the outline of objects. The Android penchant for softening faces when you use standard selfie mode is still a problem. This is especially true considering that most camera suites include custom Bokeh or Beauty sliders. If you want your phone to adjust your appearance for the photo, the 11T Pro has an auto-beauty filter.

11T Pro camera

Main camera

There are three cameras in the back camera arrangement. There is a 108MP main camera that can capture 8K video, an 8MP wide camera, and a 5MP macro lens. All cameras are excellent, but the macro camera is the best. It is without a doubt one of the most powerful macro cameras available. The AI does incredible work while close to the subject, making it one of the most impressive.

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Core camera is quite good. It has 108MB which is about the right amount for the price. It also performs well in low-light and daylight. Although you can read the messages at full zoom, quality is not as good and it becomes obvious that you are zooming in by the time you reach 2x zoom. Night view is an essential part of phone photography that I have always valued. Although the auto night mode can be blurry at times, it is generally very good. I found that I had to manually change the modes and adjust the lighting. In this case, the camera was able to pick out lines and edges in lower light conditions.

Another thing to mention about the camera is that the default modes don't include super macro mode. It's hidden inside a hamburger menu. It is almost criminal, considering the quality of super macro. You have other options, such as long exposure mode, moving crowd, and neon trails. However, these elements are rarely used.

Cat photo taken with Xiaomi 11T Pro

The 8k footage is stunning and the default lighting/contrast settings make it easy to capture video. It's great that Xiaomi has increased the 50/50 split video feature, which is great for creating cool reaction videos. However, I wish they could be separated - but that's something I'm hoping to see in a future device.

Sound quality and the "famous" audio jack

There's also a triple microphone array, and stereo audio. Although the bottom speaker seems to be louder than that of the upper, they both work together on volume when playing media so it's not a big deal. The bottom has a dual sim tray. This keeps the sides clear. (The power button and fingerprint scanner are on the right. Because this phone has abandoned the audio jack, there is enough room for the tray. Although I don't know what the audio jack was for people, modern design has made it obsolete.

It charges a large battery quickly and stacks up.

Let's discuss the battery life briefly, as it is extremely important when talking about the 11T Pro. It is a substantial battery, and one that would have been revolutionary if it were only a few years ago. The phone can still be used if it is being used a lot and has the 120hz refresh rate. It can take up to 120W of charge. This is really amazing. This phone can be charged from flat to full in just 20 minutes. It should be considered when making a purchase decision.

dual video mode on Xiaomi 11T Pro

You can actually eat the entire battery. It's powerful and you can even run a dozen apps on it. I also tried playing one of my most popular games at max settings. The phone did not slow down or stall under pressure. It even didn't change its temperature.

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This phone is extremely well-optimized -- though I wish it didn't come preloaded with so many apps or the secondary web browser -- but it's definitely a good showing by Xiaomi. Although there are many features, the best are the battery speed and the camera.

Xiaomi 11T Pro review - "Pro in name, pro in nature"

The 11T Pro, a well-priced generational swan song from Xiaomi, is extremely well-optimised. It features a great camera with 108MP and a fast charging battery of 5000mAh that charges in 20 minutes.