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The PCGamesN gaming gift guide 2022

Gaming gift guide

Damien Mason

>Updated: Dec 1, 2022 12:40 ET

>Gaming hardwareThis year emerged from the flames of 2021 like a phoenix, bringing the Steam Deck, Nvidia RTX 4000 series graphics cards, and Intel 13th generation processors into our lives. You’d be hailed a hero if you gift any of these into someone’s stocking, though, as they’re not exactly cheap items. Whether you’re looking for some Christmas gaming gifts for a loved one, someone that you can barely tolerate, or just need some seasonal motivation to treat yourself, we’ve assembled a roundup of the best gifts for PC gamers.

You’ll find a little mix of everything, from pocket-sized computers and gorgeous art books, to new board games, hardware, and peripherals in case there’s someone in your life whose setup needs some sprucing up. We’re also aware that some may want to invest their time away from their rig during the festive break, so expect some game-adjacent goodies in our gift guide, too.

To make it easier, the 2022 PCGamesN holiday gift guide is split into price brackets so you can watch your wallet.

Gifts under $25 or £25

There are fewer things safer than grabbing a gift card to pop inside a Christmas card, and every single PC gamer you know uses Steam. Starting at $20 USD, they’re affordable and scale upwards if you’re feeling particularly generous. There are also game-specific gift cards for those into Roblox or League of Legends!

If you’re in the camp that gift cards feel a little impersonal, we have other options under $25 or £25, from posters, to patterned mouse pads, microphones, board games, and even SD cards to expand Steam Deck storage.

Gifts under $50 or £50

Bumping the budget up $50 USD or £50 GBP gives you a lot of wiggle room to pad out a gamer’s setup. There’s everything from the best gaming mouse of 2020 to speakers, controllers, keyboards, and headsets. We’ve even found a neat monitor to pop inside or next to a gaming PC to display temperatures, so they’ll be the envy of all their gamer friends.

Gifts that are $50, £50, or more

Going for a gift that’s $50 USD, £50 GBP, or more is sure to earn you legendary status in a household, as well as the eternal thanks of whoever you’re surprising. You don’t have to spend a fortune for the best gaming PC equipment, but paying extra goes a long way towards snipping the cables for the freedom of wireless, getting more storage space, and savouring that sweet mechanical switch feel.

We’ll continue updating this list as we spot new deals and recommendations, so bookmark the page and don’t forget to check back for more brilliant gift ideas for gamers.